What is Free Lit Magazine?

Free Lit Magazine began in 2014 and is a free online literary magazine published bi-monthly with a mandate to be committed to the accessibility of literature for readers and the enrichment of writing for writers. Emerging and professional writers and artists - as well as a team of staff writers - donate their talents to the magazine to help foster a love for the arts in both the readership and those who submit content. Unpublished writers and artists are given an opportunity to share their work with the public and build the desire and confidence to pursue a creative career.

How can i submit my writing/art/photography?

Submissions can be sent as attachments to editor@freelitmagazine.com by the deadline for each callout theme. The deadline for the current call for submissions can always be found on the contribute page. Be sure to check out the submission guidelines too!

can i submit my work elsewhere (simultaneously or at a later date?)

Absolutely! As a contributor, you maintain all the rights for your work. By submitting your content to the magazine, you're giving us permission to publish it for the purposes of the magazine - and only the magazine. You are encouraged to submit your work elsewhere (keep in mind that other magazines/publishers may not accept simultaneous submissions or previously published works).

can i submit work that has been previously published?

Of course! If you have a blog, website, or your work was featured in another magazine, you are welcome to submit it. Make sure you are authorized to submit any work that has been published elsewhere, as many publications may have exclusive rights for something you've submitted to them in the past.

do you pay contributors?

Unfortunately, contributors cannot be paid for their submissions. However, if you have a website or social media account you'd like to have included if your work is published, feel free to send that along with your submission.

The submission guidelines say i may need to sign a release form if i send art or photography. Why is that?

The image release form grants the magazine the rights to use your art or photography for the magazine's non-commercial use. This means it may appear on our social media channels to help promote the magazine. It also ensures that any subjects of your art/photography are comfortable with you sharing it.

when will i know if my work was accepted for publication?

All contributors are notified if their work was accepted within the days prior to the issue's release date.

are there print copies available?

Free Lit Magazine is a digital literary magazine, so unfortunately there are no print copies produced. In some special instances, we may be able to send contributors the full high resolution file so that it can be printed at home.

what's the difference between a staff writer and a contributor?

Staff writers are expected to submit at least one piece of writing for each issue of the magazine. This helps provide consistent and publishable material for the magazine (there would be no magazine without content!). Being a contributor is a good option if you are looking to become more comfortable with sharing your work with the public. Contributing writers have the freedom to submit material to any issue and as frequently or infrequently as they choose.

how can i become a staff writer?

Free Lit Magazine is currently not taking on any new staff writers at the moment, but interested individuals are welcome to get in touch for more information.