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Is beauty really in the eye of the beholder? Or is it in the simple moments: the intricacies of our lives that are at times sloppy and imperfect? Is it recognized too much? Not at all? And to top it all off, how is beauty ever truly defined?

At its core, beauty is all about the combination of a number of qualities that please our aesthetic senses. Who says the sense is restricted to sight? Perhaps beauty is a feeling; one you get after you’ve spent time with ones you love. Maybe it’s an experience or a memory. 

Several of the pieces in this issue touch on the idea that there is beauty in small, precious moments. Shannon Swift’s Pearl reminds us that a terrible event can lead–and link back to–something beautiful. Other pieces reflect on the physicalities of beauty and how it affects us.

Whatever beauty means to you, don’t let the ideals of aesthetics, and the expectations of our soecity, take away from its charm.