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Bildungsroman is traditionally known as a literary genre that highlights important character changes, or a “coming of age.” We can read a novel and pinpoint when everything changed. Life isn’t always like that, and people aren’t always susceptible to seeing their own developments in real time. It isn’t usually until some rumination has occured that we begin to realize where the changes came from. 

Coming of age isn’t easy for anyone. It brings on new lessons, memories (both good and bad) that stay with us, and even has features of nostalgia for those who cling to what was or what used to be before ____ happened.

Coming of age also holds different meanings for different people. I think you’ll find that this issue – the first of Volume Four – is a varied and special collection of personal moments in the contributors’ lives. And, hopefully, you will come to see that no matter how old we are, we can still come of age over and over again when faced with new experiences. All of those moments are worthy of our attention.

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