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When we think of what immortality means, I’m sure most of us imagine the idea of living forever in a physical sense. Some of us dream of what we’d do in an eternity of life, while others are comfortable with, and prefer, the innateness of death.  

But being immortal can extend beyond the boundaries of human physicality. It can be manifested through memories, a photo, objects and keepsakes, records of life, smells and sounds, even time. What we do in this life ultimately can–and does–last beyond our dying breaths. We do or don’t leave a legacy behind. We do or don’t exist in just one person’s memory. The very idea of our existence inevitably makes us live forever.

So, the next time somebody asks you if you’d rather live forever or die at one point or another, just know you don’t have to make the decision. It’s written in your existence.

We’ll all die, but we’ll also continue to live despite that fact.

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