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There are so many facets to being human that a mere few paragraphs simply aren’t enough. But humanity is all of us: you, me, and other people. 

How we contribute to this world is what defines us; how we feel creates shifts and inspires change. Sometimes our mistakes take us down, but only before showing us a better way. It’s all of these things and more that make up humanity.

How we all come together despite our differences also sheds a light on humanity. When we work together toward a common goal or reach a collective understanding: that’s real. It’s not something unattainable or part of a fantasy. It’s part of a reality we both create and inhabit every day. 

In this issue, you’ll see a number of pieces that reflect on these ideas and so much more. Part of humanity is the messiness of it all, and hopefully that’s an experience you can take from it and use on your own path.