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It’s been told time and time again that failure - like life - isn’t so black and white. That within the negative experiences, there is so much more to be learned and gained. One failure can offer us so much more than success.

These ideas about failure are often hard to believe when we’re in the thick of it. Those moments of desperation cannot be eased by the fact we “did our best.” Sometimes we don’t do our best. And of course, nobody likes to experience the familiar stinge of pain when failure arises. It rips our insides out, dangles them from above, and proceeds to make us feel less than worthy for all we couldn’t achieve.

Be as careful as you’d like. Make the smartest choices. Failure will always be waiting for you without judgment of your situation. It simply doesn’t care. 

Don’t let your failures become acquainted with your regrets. When we hesitate to even try to reach for something we truly want – that’s when failure becomes the real thief of success. And it loves to make friends with our demons.

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