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We are all born with power. What distinguishes our power from others’ is how much of it we have – and how much is given or taken away. Power is a struggle that we see in our political leaders, in social issues, and even in our day-to-day lives. Perhaps most noteworthy as of late has to do with the #metoo movement and the ways in which we are seeing victims reclaim their power.

There are serious implications that come with the exchange of power. Those who have the ability to influence other people have an important role to play, and we can only hope they will do the right thing. 

When we lose our power, we feel worthless, drained, and lose all confidence. The good news is that we can gain that power back without harming someone else. Only then will we see that we’ve always had power, it was just up to us to find the source of it: from within.

I can’t tell you where your power lies, but I only know that it is worth discovering, and worth using for good.

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