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Time is something we all want more of. We also would rather that some moments in time be erased. But it isn’t until we’ve just run out of seconds that we wish we could have the imperfect ones back. 

There’s a reason clocks are round. It’s because with each hour that passes, we are given another chance to redeem ourselves; to use the time we have in a way that can benefit our lives. No one likes to talk about what happens when the clocks in our minds function in any place but the present.

Time is precious in its endlessness, but dangerous when we find ourselves trapped by it. We think having more time is the solution, though the hour and minute hands will always hold power over us, even if we think we have it.

We’re all given the same seconds, minutes, and hours of a day. Time can give and time can take. Use the time you have to prepare yourself for either outcome. You won’t get this same chance again.

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