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We’ve all faced the changing of seasons. We see, time and time again, the way the world around us shifts, adapts, and leans into nature’s way. It has no choice but to continuously evolve; to avoid stagnation. These are all things that seem difficult for many of us as humans. We push back and resist, handle change poorly (at times), and to our detriment, fail to let things just be.

I think the biggest thing we all think about when we think of the seasons is change. Some of us take the onset of a new season as a symbol of making new goals. Others mourn the loss and take a bit more time to catch up. We often hesitate to embrace those changes, but once we face them, we see they weren’t so bad after all.

With the growing concerns over the future of our world, it’s time for us to acknowledge that we cannot be stagnant. We must shift, adapt, and lean. Only in doing so will we learn how to better care for ourselves, the people around us, and the planet we inhabit.