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A monster is, by definition, “any creature so ugly or monstrous as to frighten people.” We all know monsters from classic tales and horror films, and can usually identify them quite easily.

But what if a monster is not made up of how it looks? We can walk among many ordinary people, places, and things, and never suspect a thing. The greatest danger lies within what we cannot see and the things we fail to suspect.

Some of us may be afraid of the monsters told in such classic stories out of fear we will be hurt by them. In reality, we can become consumed by their power and unleash that same fear toward others. Some of us know of our own monsters hidden inside us; we just hope nobody else finds them out. 

Whatever it is you are most afraid of, a monster of some kind is fuelling your fear. Beware of the disguises they craft, for it is the less threatening appearance of things that lets our guard down the most.

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