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Everyone sprouts from the same dirt. We may come across those who look similar to us, but our individial uniqueness cannot be replicated. It is precious and worth nurturing.

We may find ourselves tempted to stand tall with those we think are most like us, but in reality, don’t understand us at all. This is where it’s important to dig deep to our roots and question what really matters; to shovel out the excess things that don’t bring happiness.

The best part about identity is its ability to shift and change in the span of a lifetime. Many factors contribute to who we think we are - and whether or not we figure that out is another branch altogether. We all face pressures to uphold traditions or expectations about our identities. But you don’t owe it to anyone but yourself to be who you want. 

It’s okay not to have your identity figured out. It’s possible to enjoy all the things that make you a unique and magnificent human being without attaching a label to it. Just because you are born a tulip does not mean you cannot grow into a rose.

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