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Free Lit Magazine is comprised of an Editor-in-Chief, a Literary Editor, four Staff Writers, and a plethora of contributors. Each individual donates both their time and talents to this magazine to make it the incredible publication that it is. 

 Photo by Gail Paquette

Photo by Gail Paquette

Ashley newton (creator/editor-in-chief)

Ashley Newton is a writer, editor, and creative writing/publishing workshop facilitator based in Kingston, ON. She has an Honours BA in English and History as well as a Post-Graduate Honours Certificate in Scriptwriting. She is currently completing a certificate in Publishing. With over 10 years of writing experience, her work has been published in The Cord Weekly, Blueprint Magazine and The Kingston Free Press. Her first book of poetry, Shadows Among Mist, was released in March 2014. She has edited film scripts and book manuscripts of all sizes for independent clients. 


eunice kim (literary editor)

Eunice Kim is a budding writer/poet and photographer. She is an active supporter of local arts communities and organizations. Eunice graduated from Queen's University in 2017 with an Art History degree and currently lives in Montreal, Quebec.


kyle climans (staff writer)

Kyle Climans is a published author, and freelance scriptwriter. His passion for writing drew him to earn a B.A. in English at the University of Ottawa, and a postgraduate certificate in Scriptwriting from Algonquin College. As the Social Media Coordinator for the Mississauga Writers Group, he provided three short stories for the group's 2016 anthology. Aside from that, Climans participated in the group's 2016 Write On Festival; he co-wrote, directed, and co-starred in a short comedy play put on by himself and other members of the group. Climans has also done rewriting work on three independent screenplays, two of which are currently in production.


alyssa cooper (staff writer)

Alyssa Cooper is an eclectic writer, dabbling in literary fiction, speculative fiction, and poetry with equal fervor. She is the author of three novels, a short story collection, and a poetry collection, with a poetry chapbook slated for release in 2017. She is currently living in Kingston, Ontario with her partner, two cats, and a Boston Terrier, where she is an active spoken word performer and a passionate member of the literary community. 

adriana green (staff writer)

Adriana Green is a Kingston local, writing fictional prose and lyric poetry. After a personal hiatus and years of writing without true direction, she is now breaking out into the Kingston writing community with Free Lit Magazine. In her spare time you can find her playing the piano, watching late-night talk shows, or skipping around town. She plans to release her first collection of poems in 2017.


bruce kauffman (staff writer)

Bruce Kauffman lives in Kingston and is a local poet, editor, radio show host, workshop facilitator and an avid organizer of literary and occasionally music events. His work has been published in a number of anthologies, journals, and a chapbook in addition to his three full collections of poetry.

He has been facilitating his ‘intuitive writing workshop’ both in Kingston and areas outside it for the past 5 years. He originated and founded the monthly ‘and the journey continues’ open mic reading series nearly 8 years ago, and has hosted his weekly spoken word radio show, ‘finding a voice’ on CFRC 101.9fm for the past 7 years.



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